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PicEngrave Pro 4

At picengrave.com we offer unique,
user friendly and affordable image to G-code
CNC photo engraving solutions for spindle & laser diodes.

John Champlain (PicEngrave Pro 4 author) and
Jeff Woodcock (Master Machinist, CNC Artist and Developer of the
8bit Laser Diode Image Engraving Process)
and Jeff's son Jeffery,
has teamed together to bring you, one of a kind image to Gcode Spindle
& Laser Diode engraving software solutions.

The full program PicEngrave Pro 4 + Laser was developed for the
Hobbyist and Professional engravers.
Now we are now offering a Lite version, PicLaser Lite.

This program was specifically developed for use with Arduino / grbl controlled
Laser Diode engraving machines and it includes the option to generate Gcode for
Mach3 and other controller programs as well.

The use of laser diodes to engrave true gray scale
images on a variety of materials is a relatively new
development, and is evolving and being improved
almost on a daily basis.

Laser Diode Setup Information PDF

Videos of our Machines in Action

John's Videos

Jeff's Videos

Check Out Our Shapeoko 2 Laser
Diode Photo Engraver Build Here.

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Thank you for your visit,
John Champlain and Jeff Woodcock
August 2014