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Question on Arduino uno and other stuff

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:52 pm
by Honk
I am starting to put things together for my 6-A laser table, 3 axis now, maybe another axis later. Couple of questions please.
#1 Arduino UNO, or I see Arduino Mega 2560 R3. I have been studying the UNO and that Mega popped up????
#2 You mentioned you changed the ratio on the linear timing belt. I think that was for the X and Y axis. How many teeth did you end up figuring on the drive pulley? I'll be using Steppers, 23 NEMA.
Well here goes (I'm starting), I hope you can maintain the extra pressure I'll be putting on you and still make a living. By the way I really liked your ship mirror picture, It was great.

Make that 3 questions.
#3 Does that Pic Sender Program Completely take the place of Mach3? And will Microsoft XP be enough to work it? (OOPS that's 4 QUESTIONS)
Thanks again Jerry

Re: Question on Arduino uno and other stuff

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:57 pm
by Picengravertoo
Hi Jerry,

We use an Arduino UNO, not the Mega. It's important you purchase a Genuine UNO, not a knockoff or Counterfeit.

This one was determined to be Genuine: ... 1_3&sr=8-3

Case for it. ... no+R3+case

Screw Shield for wiring to the UNO. ... 2470955011

What size nema 23 steppers will you be using? That will determine the driver you will need. There is an Arduino UNO DB25 adapter if you want to connect a breakout board for a Gecko driver, or something similar. There is a 3 axis driver that plugs directly into the Arduino UNO, but it has a limitation of 2.5a per stepper. That is what we use on our Shapeoko.

Also what kind of mechanical drive will your machine have? Belt drive like our Shapeoko, or ball screws? Our PicSender does replace Mach3 and it will run fine with WinXP, but the memory will determine how large of a gcode file can be loaded and ran. The GRBL firmware that loads to the UNO, is only capable of 3 axis's. X,Y & Z, but outputs PWM with S commands to vary the laser's intensity also.


Re: Question on Arduino uno and other stuff

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:38 pm
by Honk
Hi Jeff
Thank you for the information
I am planning on NEMA 23, 425 Oz. on X and Z and two smaller ones on Y, still figuring it out. I am planning on linear timing belts on X and Y and a ball screw on Z. I have 4 stepper drivers and I do believe they will work with the Arduino Uno

I lost a power supply on my laser yesterday so I am in the repair mode, I am going to up grad to a higher amp supply and I am going to get a pile of them so I'll have some for my new machine. I was right in the middle of a job standing right at the laser talking with my grand son. Hay what's that smell, Computer is still moving right along, looked in to see a black hole right in the middle of some new fire wood.
Thanks again for all the help
Jerry :o