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Calling all picengrave dot com customers

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:12 am
by Picengravertoo
We have built many successful DIY laser diode engraving CNC machine attachments. But, It's not practical for us experts that invented/developed and set the standards for true grayscale laser photo engraving to purchase every commercial laser system on the market to test, so we need our customer's assistance.

Here is a list of laser diode systems we have not tested in house for quality detailed grayscale photo engraving capability.

J-Tech Photonics 7W
EmBlaser 1 4W
EmBlaser 2 5W
Mr Beam I & II
CNC Piranha
Due 7W & 8W
Gistroy 2W & 6W
X-Wossee 4.5W
OptLasers (all W)
Endurance (all W)
L-Cheapo (all W)
CNC Laser Systems (all W)
Benbox (all W)
EleksMaker/EleksLaser (all W)

At this time, we are reluctant to recommend any of these commercial laser diode kits and/or laser diode engraving machines until we have confirmed what there capabilities are.

We surely do not recommend any modified gcode driven CO2 machines like the K40. There wavelength is not capable of quality Grayscale laser photo engravings no matter if 8bit or 10bit PWM resolution is used from what we have seen online. However, both PicLaser's and PicEngrave's image editor does have the ability to Dither images to 1bit Black & White with 11 different Algorithms for pulsing the laser on/off to laser engrave Black & White images/logos. Our standalone PicEdit Lite program will create 1bit Dithered images as well.

We don't recommend any Digital Wood Carver machines with the OptLaser 6W Laser attachment and the PlanetCNC controller program for grayscale laser photo engraving.

If any of our customers are using any of the lasers that are in our list above, please contact us through the email address our software registration was sent from and give us the detailed information listed below. If your commercial laser diode machine, or laser attachment is not in our list, please send us this information.

1: What brand laser diode kit and/or machine are you using including the laser diode's max rated wattage.
2: What type of focusing lens are you using. Single element glass, three element glass, or other.
3: What focal height distance are you using.
4: What CNC controller program are you running our gcode files from. Mach3, Mach4, LinuxCNC, UCCNC, Planet-CNC, grbl streamer and which Firmware version and what are your grbl settings, or 3D printer controller program and which firmware version. If other, give us that info.
5: If a grbl controller is being used, send us all of your grbl settings.
6: Is a DAC/PWM converter board, or a MA3 shaft encoder being used for the laser's modulation.
7: What program of ours are you using of to generate the laser grayscale gcode file with. PicLaser Lite, PicLaser or PicEngrave Pro 4, 5 or 6.
8: What settings are you using in our program (please attach setting screenshot to the email).
9: What type of material are you lasering grayscale shades on with these settings.
10: Send us a grayscale laser diode photo engraving picture (attached to email) so we can determine its quality, detail and grayscale shade range.

When we receive confirmation from our customers the lasers in our list are capable of quality detailed true grayscale laser photo engravings, we will update the list.

If any of the commercial laser diode kits, or laser diode CNC machine manufacturers want to donate one of there products for our expert in house testing, please contact us through our web site here:

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Calling all picengrave dot com customers

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:48 pm
by Picengravertoo
We have tested the J-Tech Photonics 2.8W laser kit (thanks to Jay) in house for quite some time with there High Efficiency lens at a 3" focal height and it passed our grayscale laser photo engraving tests. The rectangular beam shape had to be oriented parallel with the engraving angle. The 1W & 2W uses the same driver as the 2.8W and the focal point is even smaller, so they are not questionable and are not our list.

We have tested the J-Tech Photonics 3.8W laser kit (thanks to Jay again) in house recently with there High Resolution lens at a 2" focal height and it passed our grayscale laser photo engraving tests. The rectangular beam shape had to be oriented parallel with the engraving angle. Since the 4.2W is a comparable kit as the 3.8W, we removed it from the list too.

We have tested the EmBlaser 1 (AKA LazerBlade) 3W in house, but only after our improvement modifications explained here it passed our grayscale laser photo engraving tests. We also later added this fan to the laser heat-sink. We found that a 3" focal height works the best with the 3 Element Glass lens that is supplied. At the original focal height, the lens barely screws into the laser module when it's focused properly. However, when the laser shroud is raised for the 3" focal height, it creates a visible beam hazard, so we do not recommend changing it.