Locking Stepper Motors

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Locking Stepper Motors

Postby davet354tfd » Sat Dec 21, 2019 8:40 am

Have been trying to figure out what program I do this in and I think it is picsender. (could be wrong, probably am)

When changing bits I have had a problem on occasion with movement.

I have been hearing about "Locking your Stepper motors" but can't find a clear answer to how or what program.

I believe Picsender has "Programable" function for a few commands.

Was wondering if picsender is the program to do that in, If it is, how is it done?

Create a "Lock Motor" and "Unlock Motors" function.



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Re: Locking Stepper Motors

Postby Picengraver » Sat Dec 21, 2019 8:14 pm

Bob, a setting has to be changed in grbl to "lock" the steppers. It is $1=x (step idle delay, msec), and x shown here needs to be 255. From PicSender, click the yellow GRBL button, then click Edit Settings on the Grbl screen. Change whatever number is after the = in setting $1, and change it to 255, so the setting will then read $1=255.

After closing the NotePad window, follow the prompt messages to send it into your grbl settings. Before returning to the main PicSender screen, be sure you have saved your new settings.

I know of no valid reason to ever have the steppers unlocked. Leaving them locked will not harm them.

Now, if you are running an X-Controller, there are also some switches that need to be changed. I do not have an X-Controller, so I recommend you contact Inventables for help with that.

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