Improvements to the EmBlaser

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Improvements to the EmBlaser

Postby Picengravertoo » Tue Jan 27, 2015 5:08 pm

We have been consulting Darkly Labs for improvements to the EmBlaser for more precise machine movement to Laser Engrave quality photos with detail.

On our EmBlaser we are testing at PicEngrave Dot Com, we replaced the two stock linear bearings at the Laser head. The two bearings were replaced with more precision Japan made bearings which reduced the play that we were getting with the stock set. The Gantry Carriage bearings are not needed to be replaced as they are spread out in line enough not to have any play.

The plastic Idlers were replaced with steel flanged ball bearings mounted face to face. It requires 16 of them total to replace them all. The two bearings are slightly narrower then then stock idler, so we added a washer/spacer at the top of them to make up the difference in thickness.

The shoulder bolts for the idler bearings only screwed in flush to the shoulder which caused the threads to strip out in the plastic printed part. We purchased longer shoulder bolts and drilled the plastic and tapped the threads deeper to secure it better by sinking the bolt deeper into the plastic. Second picture shows the two bearing configuration on the machine.

Our improvements were implemented in there later EB1 machines.

The first picture shows the Lasorb we wired in also for added ESD protection.

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