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Spindle command M03 and M05 Command Issue

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2022 12:14 pm
by Hien331
Hi I'm running the latest version on Picsender. When I tried to press M03 is say Spindle On Command Issue and press M05 it also say Spindle of Command Issue. But when I manually type M03 12000 Spindle will turn on and I can adjust the speed no problem. Then type M05 it stops. This is computer is running Windows 10 X64. I remove and reinstall the program many times and still the same. Is there a feature that I need to turn on? I have been using this computer with no problem. I just upgraded from a router to a spindle thats when I notice the M03 and M05 button doesn't work.

So I tried a my daughter's computer and it workds no problem. Right off the back I can press M03 and M05 and works great.

Any help is greatly appreciated!